-Matrix5-SC Available NOW

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-Matrix5-SC Available NOW

Postby CEN Racing on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:52 pm


CEN Racing's 1/5th scale gas powered RC Vehicles are full time 4wd and offer superior performance and handling. The newly developed 1/5th scale cars by CEN Racing are equipped with 4 ultra big bore threaded aluminum oil filled shocks that absorb rough terrain while maintaining balance and control. This 1/5th scale has proven to be one of the largest, most powerful gas powered r/c cars in market!

This 1/5th scale R/C vehicle by CEN Racing is offered in Monster Truck, Trophy Truck, or Buggy form. The vehicle is fully equipped with precision ball bearings for an ultra smooth drive-train which is powered by a powerful 30cc 2 stroke gasoline engine that uses ordinary gasoline with 2 stroke oil mixed in. Stopping this massive vehicle is easy with the dual disc high temp breaking system.

CEN Racing's 1/5th scale is equipped with a fully adjustable suspension, along with camber and toe in adjustments. It comes fully assembled and Ready To Run including FM Digital electronics. The massive 8 inch wheels and tires are pre-glued and ready to rock. The body shell comes fully painted and decaled as well!

This 1/5th scale gasoline powered vehicle will offer hours of fun without hassle and is perfect for any leisure off-roading activity!
Length: 750mm / 29.5inch
Height: 330mm / 13 inch
Width: 450mm / 17.7 inch
Wheel Base: 520mm / 20.5inch
Weight: 15kg / 33 lbs
Tire Diameter: 150 x 60
Gear Ratio: 7.68: 1
One metal gear including steering servo
CVD flexible bevel shaft
All metal gear front or rear diff
4mm stiffened anodized aluminum T6 chassis
Universal joint cup suspension system
Adjustable with double wishbones
4 step gear reduction system
4 full aluminum oil-pressure shock absorbers
Easy adjustable caster angle: 0 to 6 degrees
Adjustable camber angle and toe-in angle

* Skyion DX-Pro Digital Radio System
* LCD screen displays
* Digital adjustments and settings
* Four edit keys for setup
* 10 model memories
* Dual Rate Steering
* Digital Trim
* Steering wheel tension adjustment

Differential inside: The internal differential sports rock solid differential gears that provide extremely smooth diff action.

Steering Servo: The massive 260oz / 28kg steering servo provides tons of torque which effectively steers and maneuvers the Matrix 5 through a wide range of terrains.

Fuel Tank: The huge 650cc fuel tank provide up to an hour of run time!

Front Axle Hub: The front C-hub suspension brings durability and effective steering capabilities to the Matrix 5

Radio Box: The large radio box provides ample room for any receiver and battery combination in the market Differential: The Matrix 5 is equipped with an extremely durable differential system that produces necessary traction on various terrains.

Rear end Tower: The rear shock tower provides strength and stability while the threaded shocks soak up the terrain.

Center Transfer Gear: The center beveled transfer gear is produced with hardened steel and transfers the power from the engine to the front / rear wheels.

Roll Cage: The roll cage on the Matrix 5 protects the engine and electronic components during flips and rough crashes.

Front top plate: The front end of the Matrix 5 is built tough, rigid and user friendly. The top plate provides ample protection and strength to the front end.

Transmission Gear Cover: The Matrix 5's transmission gears are conveniently covered with a lexan shield for protection.
Transmission Gears: The external transmission gears are produced with extremely durable and lightweight composite that effectively transfer the power from the engine to the drive train.

Bumper: The beefy front bumper absorbs front end collisions and helps protect the front suspension arms on rocky terrain.

Wing: The massive wing provides stability in the air and traction at high speeds.

Steering Rack: The Matrix 5 is equipped with an adjustable bell crank that saves the steering servo and prolongs its life.
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Re: -Matrix5-SC Coming Soon

Postby once~WrTn~ on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:42 pm

Well... They are here. We took one out last week...They are crazy... Never really been into 5th scale... but I do like it... I like it... I am biding on our test car. We should have some video up shortly. It was bomb...
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Re: -Matrix5-SC Available NOW

Postby CEN Racing on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:23 am

Matrix5-SC first promotional Video available - http://www.cenracing.com/cars/Matrix5/Matrix5-SC.html
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