Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy - NOw available

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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy - NOw available

Postby CEN Racing on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:03 am

Matrix R3 Buggy RTR w/ 2.4G Spectrum is now AVAILABLE

Official Information now available on -


9574- Matrix R3 RTR w/ FM Radio System

CEN Racing's Matrix R3 RTR brings the speed and durability that 1/8th scale buggies offer in a package that is Ready To Rock!! The Matrix is built for you to backyard bash during the week and take out to the racetrack on Sunday and ANNILAHATE the competition.

The Matrix R3 1/8th RTR was designed with the consumer in mind. This Matrix buggy will out perform and outlast any buggy in its class without draining your bank account. The Matrix has been race proven and remains one of the choice 1/8th RTR buggies in the nation by consumers that want to both compete and / or bash. This RTR Matrix buggy comes complete with an all new powerful REV-LINE 4.6 (.28) engine! You wanted more power we provided it! The all new Matrix R3 has a new look and new attitude while maintaining the same durability and design that has made the Matrix product line world famous!

With a thick 3mm 7075 T-6 chassis the Matrix can handle the abuse dished out by the rigors of 1/8th scale bashing. Don't worry about the chassis flexing, the 7075 chassis can take more abuse than the wimpy 6061 aluminum used by the other buggy RTRs out there. Just mash the throttle and drive the Matrix! Let your competitors know what 1/8th scale buggies are really about!

CEN has equipped the Matrix with parts that strengthen and lighten the Matrix. CEN has extensively used 7075 aluminum in the design of the Matrix. The radio tray, shock towers, center diff plate are all made of 7075, other companies feel that 6061 is all you need, yet they recommended the 7075 parts that are options for their cars!! CEN doesn't cut corners with the Matrix. When we say Ready To Rock, we mean it!!!

Check out the front, center, and rear diffs of the Matrix. Each diff is a 6 gear bevel diff that are fully sealed and can be tuned with silicone diff oil. After you're done checking out the diffs, notice the center driveshafts, both front and rear are universals! Other cars are still using dogbones. Not only is the CEN Matrix chassis dialed! An Digital Skyion DX-Pro FM 3 channel radio is included as well. And we didn't stop there, knowing that 1/8th scale buggies need servos with some power, high torque METAL gear servos are installed for the steering and throttle!
Body, Tires & Wheels
Body: New light weight lexan body. CEN "Intruder 2"
Tires: CEN Xcellerator tires
Wheels: Light weight Yellow one piece 17mm speed disc wheels Suspension
Adjustable suspension:
6 hole options shock towers along with 2 hole arm mounting positions.
Big Bore Aluminum Shocks, oil-filled coil over shocks with 3.5mm shock shafts, bladders, and silicone o-rings.
Type: 3mm thick 7075 aluminum
Radio Tray: lay-down steering servo
Braces: Front and rear composite chassis stiffeners Dimensions
Length: 19inches / 485mm
Width: 12inches / 305mm
Weight: 7.4lbs / 3357g
Wheelbase: 13inches / 330mm - 336mm
Type: Shaft-driven all-time 4WD with a center differential
Drive Shafts: Constant velocity steel shafts
Differentials: Sealed 6 gear ultra strong differentials, silicone filled
Clutch: Composite 3pc clutch system
Bearings: All sealed ball bearings Tuning Capabilities
Camber: Fully adjustable
Caster: 20 degree - 22 degree of caster
Front Toe in: Fully adjustable
Wheelbase: Adjustable
Front Kick-up: 4 or 5 degree
Rear anti-squat: 1 or 2 degree
Front down travel: Fully adjustable
Rear down travel: Fully adjustable
Ackermann: 3 positions
* Option parts may be required.
Pinion / Spur : 13 / 46

All New Rev-Line
4.6 / .28 Engine Powered.
CEN Racing is introducing a new engine for the Matrix Buggy ! This new 4.6 engine is manufactured by REV-Line Racing Engine to CEN's specification.

Skyion DX-Pro FM Digital Radio
The DX-Pro provides a digital experience like no other. With functions ranging from digital dual rate to 10 model memory, the Skyion radio system gives you an R/C experience that is sure to intensify your senses.

144oz high torque servos for both steering and throttle are included. Those high torque servos are made of high qualify aluminum internal gears support by ball bearings.

New and improved cross pin differentials in their kits and RTR for added stability. These new differentials provide more traction off power along with more stability on loose conditions. The new differential system is extremely smooth and very effective for increased performance! Center Differential: The Matrix R3 is equipped with an all new, ultra strong and lightweight center differential that minimizes rotating mass while offering extremely smooth diff action. This new center differential is 40% lighter and transfers power with smooth efficiency. Front and Rear Differential: New Bevel gears are precision cut and designed for optimum efficiency. The new gears are made of ultra strong machined steel and lightened for reduced rotating mass. With exotic steel and precision CNC machine work, these differentials will out last and out perform competing brands.

Super strength 4mm aluminum front and rear shock towers. Matrix use aerospace aluminum chassis components and CNC / Steel drivetrain parts throughout the truck. Heavy Duty shock towers, turnbuckle, handle bar, high impact bumper, list goes on. The Matrix R3 has undergone a serious diet resulting in a much lighter, faster, and efficient buggy. The Matrix R3 will satisfy your need to compete in competitions or bash at your local spot. Aluminum racing Tune Pipe: The Matrix R3 includes an aluminum racing tune pipe

Outdrives: New Outdrives have been introduced to the Matrix Buggy allowing for lighter rotating mass along with a much more durable material. The new outdrives transfer power with ease and strength. The new outdrives are 30% lighter and much stronger. Drive Sha5fts: The Matrix has gone on a serious diet! All new extremely lightweight drives shafts now come standard with the Matrix. These drive shafts have been reduced in weight and are 60% lighter than their predecessor. Light drive-shafts undergo less stress to the out-drives as less rotating mass is distributed by the engine. All new wheels: All new ultra lightweight racing wheels are equipped on the Matrix R3. Designed with rotating mass in mind the all new 8 spokes Y harness design offers style, strength and efficiency.

Shocks construction: Large 16.5 mm Aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 14mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts. Center Diff Mount/Brace: The Matrix R3 includes aluminum center diff mount with all new composite chassis braces offer a rigid chassis while offer side to side contortion for superior handling in various off-road racing conditions. One piece radio tray: The Matrix R3 includes an easy to install / remove one piece composite radio tray. This new radio tray is 60% lighter and extremely user friendly.

Ultra beefy Tie Rod ends for durability. Everything is heavy duty on the Matrix. 125cc Duel Pick up fuel tank with high efficient internal / external fuel filter included

Matrix is equipped with full ball bearing.
Large wheel bearing is used in the wheel hub for maximum performance. 3x carbon clutch shoes with aluminum flywheel Tired of pull starting your engine? With, the Roto-Tech Starter system, your car will start in no time, every time.
G70368 Roto-Tech Starter2 Buy it
G70431 Ni-Cd Battery (7.2V) Buy it

* Full precision ball bearing support
* Super Strength 4mm Aluminum front and rear shock towers
* Front CVS axles
* Splash resistant fuel tank with added splash guard
* Metal brake system
* Captured rear hinge pins, no e clips needed
* Lightweight racing rims
* 3 shoe racing clutch
* Fully adjustable down travel
* Low profile radio tray for low CG

* Lightweight aluminum chassis with 2 bumps design, tuned for racing out of the box
* High efficient fuel filter included
* Front aluminum C hub design
* Fully adjustable suspension w/ Thick shock shafts
* Super Sleek Gun Metal anodizing with hints of Gold
* Front and Rear High strength chassis stiffeners
* 22 degree caster blocks
* Ultra strong 6 gear differentials
* All hard steel gears throughout the car
* Championship winning quality
* Ultra beefy Tie Rod ends for durability
* Sleek lightweight body
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby sagimelnik on Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:44 pm

what about Brushless version ?
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby fvj on Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:44 pm

So, what are the main differences when compared with the C1 or R2?

When the FRE will show up?
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby Muerte on Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:41 am

I didn't think the new buggy was going to be a Matrix? Or is the Matrix buggy being relegated to the RTR ranks. And does that mean there is a new FRE buggy coming out.

Just a little confused.
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby trarena on Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:16 am

Is Andy no longer working for CEN? I know he was driving a Losi recently but I have seen that he is apparently now signed to Agama or is he just driving this until CEN have their new race buggy available?
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby Denyrusli on Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:45 am

Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!
by Ruune on Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:21 pm

yes... the new race buggy will be something completely different. Yes, looks like matrix will be RTR only. It may share some parts... like rod ends, etc. It'll prob use the big bores from the phantom R2 FRE. Those were actually pretty sick. I'm hoping for vented shock caps tho. There are just too many changes to even call it a matrix.

Hii..Ruune, Sorry to ask u here. I wonder what about the spare part for my Matrix Pro Buggy (I've 3 unit Matrix Pro), and they still run well. Thks
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby Denyrusli on Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:31 pm

Ruune wrote:Cen should still carry parts for the matrix fre.

Thks Ruune, I'm trying to stay with CEN, and hopefully can make it, not to change my car with the other..

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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby cadpilot on Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:19 pm

Well, it's November.....Is our new stuff in the states yet?
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby CEN Racing on Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:12 pm

Latest Update - its on a vessel coming to us :) Definitely will arrive before the holiday
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Re: New CEN Racing R3 Buggy Coming this October!

Postby chalkie11 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:03 am

Heard it all before. You guy have lost my support I'm Affraid!
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Soon to be R2
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