Matrix R3-E RTR - NEW 1/8 Electric Buggy - now available.

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Matrix R3-E RTR - NEW 1/8 Electric Buggy - now available.

Postby CEN Racing on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:26 am

Matrix R3-E Brushloess buggy RTR w/ 2.4G Spectrum is now AVAILABLE


All New Skyion
Brushless Motor 2200 KV
Skyion's all new brushless motor technology powers the Matrix R3-E with efficiency and brute power! Chassis Layout: The Matrix R3-E utilizes an a revolutionary chassis layout that offers superior weight balance which provides stability and quick reaction upon weight transfer. Battery Mount: CEN's new battery mount allows for multiple configurations of batteries. Two 2s packs in series to one large 4s pack can be utilized.

New Aerodynamic Dish wheels: All new ultra lightweight racing wheels are equipped on the Matrix R3-E. Designed with rotating mass in mind the all new Dish wheel offers style, strength and efficiency.

Skyion SID 2.4GHz Spectrum Radio
The SID provides a digital experience like no other. With functions ranging from digital dual rate to 6 model memory, the Skyion radio system gives you an R/C experience that is sure to intensify your senses.

144oz high torque steering servo included. These high torque servos are made of high qualify aluminum internal gears supported with precision ball bearings.

New and improved cross pin differentials in their kits and RTR for added stability. These new differentials provide more traction off power along with more stability on loose conditions. The new differential system is extremely smooth and very effective for increased performance! Center Differential: The Matrix R3-E is equipped with an all new, ultra strong and lightweight center differential that minimizes rotating mass while offering extremely smooth diff action. This new center differential is 40% lighter and transfers power with smooth efficiency. Front and Rear Differential: New Bevel gears are precision cut and designed for optimum efficiency. The new gears are made of ultra strong machined steel and lightened for reduced rotating mass. With exotic steel and precision CNC machine work, these differentials will out last and out perform competing brands.

Super strength 4mm aluminum front and rear shock towers. Matrix use aerospace aluminum chassis components and CNC / Steel drivetrain parts throughout the truck. Heavy Duty shock towers, turnbuckle, handle bar, high impact bumper, list goes on. Shocks construction: Large 16.5 mm Aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 14mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts. Matrix is equipped with full ball bearing.
Large wheel bearing is used in the wheel hub for maximum performance.

Outdrives: New Outdrives have been introduced to the Matrix Buggy allowing for lighter rotating mass along with a much more durable material. The new outdrives transfer power with ease and strength. The new outdrives are 30% lighter and much stronger. Drive Shafts: The Matrix has gone on a serious diet! All new extremely lightweight drives shafts now come standard with the Matrix. These drive shafts have been reduced in weight and are 60% lighter than their predecessor. Light drive-shafts undergo less stress to the out-drives as less rotating mass is distributed by the engine. Center Diff Mount/Brace: The Matrix R3-E includes aluminum center diff mount with all new composite chassis braces offer a rigid chassis while offer side to side contortion for superior handling in various off-road racing conditions.

* Full precision ball bearing support
* Super Strength 4mm Aluminum front and rear shock towers
* Front CVS axles
* Splash resistant fuel tank with added splash guard
* Metal brake system
* Captured rear hinge pins, no e clips needed
* Lightweight racing rims
* 3 shoe racing clutch
* Fully adjustable down travel
* Low profile radio tray for low CG

* Lightweight aluminum chassis with 2 bumps design, tuned for racing out of the box
* High efficient fuel filter included
* Front aluminum C hub design
* Fully adjustable suspension w/ Thick shock shafts
* Super Sleek Gun Metal anodizing with hints of Gold
* Front and Rear High strength chassis stiffeners
* 22 degree caster blocks
* Ultra strong 6 gear differentials
* All hard steel gears throughout the car
* Championship winning quality
* Ultra beefy Tie Rod ends for durability
* Sleek lightweight body
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Re: Matrix R3-E RTR - NEW 1/8 Electric Buggy

Postby killernewfie on Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:47 am

* High efficient fuel filter included

How do you filter electricity?
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Re: Matrix R3-E RTR - NEW 1/8 Electric Buggy

Postby mrsrt8 on Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:07 pm

Any news when CEN brushless 1/8 monster coming out?
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Re: Matrix R3-E RTR - NEW 1/8 Electric Buggy

Postby fvj on Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:13 pm

Any news here?

Even the product page is still outdated. On the R3-E you still see the nitro version. Anybody there?

Also, I have a C1 I have converted brushless. Will CEN have a C1-R3 conversion kit?
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